this downtempo soul infused track uses subtle synths and horns to get its point across, something about the charlotte day wilson track made me think about how patrice rushen use to put together her songs, although some of the instrumentation is different here, you can definitely hear that the back bones of both artists are the same. Tenderness


Charlie Hilton and Nico

Both artists maintain a vocal aesthetic unique to themselves yet their is an undeniable laissez faire approach to the delivery that is unmistakable.



Basia Bulat and Feist

basia bulat has really come up with something very catch with fool, perhaps it lives in the familiarity of the harmonic changes that form the bed rock of most pop music or the love lorn lyrics, either way, when all put together and delivered by Ms Bulat, we cannot resist, not unlike ms feist.  Both artists (who i believe to be canadian) maintain an authenticity to their work that many other artists try and fail with.



STRFKR and Passion Pit

This is indie pop as defined by wikepedia. listen, its in the structure, its in the deliver, its in the cadence, the problem is, creating a unique identity within these confines is quite difficult if not next to impossible, and most likely both artists dwindling basis only want one thing from both, sugary confections.

Japanese Wallpaper and U2

Japanese Wallpaper, please meet u2, you both build your sound upon layers and layers of sonic atmosphere.  Both records would be at home in joshua tree or somewhere among the white cliffs of dover.  the tender vocal delivery of japanese wallpaper creates tension, but never so much as to alienate the listener and both tracks build upon an almost cinematic quality to finally deliver the proverbial “goods” to the listener. listen below

Mayer Hawthorne and Smokey Robinson

living in the world of falsetto is something that mayer hawthorne has built a career on.  His brand of retro soul has ventured from 60’s motown to 70’s stax, to the most recent incarnation, post disco r&b.  this stylistic venture was pursued by many soul artists in the post ‘off the wall MJ’ world around 1979, and mayer draws heavily in production and construction of cosmic love, listen below.


We thought a good doppelganger would be smokey, as he was the perennial high voiced soul singer that managed to break free of the motown shackles that many of his contemporaries failed to do. have a listen