Bryce Fox and Duran Duran

Bryce Fox makes big bombastic music that desires crowd participation to truly achieve full potency, and the song we’ve included ‘Burn Fast’ is no different.  Its sort of a self referential way of recording (or songwriting) that artists tend to embrace when they are confident that they have an audience ready to hear their music.  Although I can’t say that is precisely the case with this artist, it certainly feels like it could be the case.


The case for this early 90’s era Duran Duran track, perhaps one that sometimes gets lost in the shuffle when discussing the band’s height of success in the early 1980’s – feels somewhat in line with what Bryce is attempting, as well as countless others today, such as Hozier, BORNS, LORDE, and the Lumineers.  Either way, both songs pair nicely, enjoy your friday.