The Rebel Light and The Mamas and the Papas

brilliant harmonies and a blend of pop production that is quite timeless – both bands are and were based in california also.  the only real difference between the two acts are the times (decades) in which they occupy. both acts made full use of the aesthetic of the time.  Both capitalize on that long been documented california vibe.



Sir Sly and New Order

tender vocals and synth sequencing – perhaps sir sly isn’t as “club ready” as their older doppelganger, they feel very similar in aesthetic and purpose.

Kygo & Labrinth and Imagine Dragons

soulful vocals and an electro pop aesthetic – grounded in traditional rock pop. the kygo collaboration is getting a lot of attention, not unlike the Las Vegas boys a few years before. this is music made for the bass player to have a big extra drum on stage to hit for no good reason




Solidisco and Icona Pop

gang vocals, big time house and disco drops and non defined center vocal – this is music defined by the sum of all the elements involved without a clearly defined focal point. im not saying that is a problem, as this characteristic has not affected the popularity of icona pop (well maybe down the line it will).  This is DJ based music and with that comes a certain lifeless quality or perhaps artificial would be a better way to put it.  I feel the disco lights on me, and i am perhaps a little high.  We don’t analyze this music when we are feeling good in the club so perhaps i should’nt be too harsh here.