Ardyn and Fleetwood Mac

with its tribal rhythm , it feels like ardyn is channeling 1982’s Tusk and then the subsequent seven wonders by fleetwood mac (all 80’s all the time apparently)



The Rebel Light and The Mamas and the Papas

brilliant harmonies and a blend of pop production that is quite timeless – both bands are and were based in california also.  the only real difference between the two acts are the times (decades) in which they occupy. both acts made full use of the aesthetic of the time.  Both capitalize on that long been documented california vibe.


Doves and Joe Jackson

perhaps its the 70’s shuffle or the vocal affect, but todays musical doppelgangers are joe jackson and doves, specifically the songs black and white town.  Joe Jackson was no stranger to writing about the trials and tribulations of the night in the city and these lads feel the same way.

Marian Hill and Karen Carpenter

both artists build upon a foundation of thoughtful piano keys, and both make use of the production elements of the time to further accentuate the brilliance of the songwriting.  Karen uses strings and horn arrangements, while marian hill uses electronics and synths.  Neither way is right or wrong, it simply is a production of the musical landscape in which they inhabit.