POWERS and Donna Summer

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Sheer Mag and Thin Lizzy

Sheer Mag and Thin Lizzy –


There have already been some critical similarities drawn by Sheer Mag and Thin Lizzy, so lets take a minute to determine if they really are, musical coherts (or in our case doppelgangers)

As a base line this is rock music, 70’s sweaty rock music – and although everyone did it this way back in the mid 70’s from acts like Bad Company to Traffic to Ted Nuget, not many people are making this kind of dueling electric guitar music today, classic rock quartet kind of stuff, and even fewer are doing this style of music well.  Sheer Mag with all their punk rock ethos and bravado, really like the playbook of the mid 70’s – shhhhh – here it is – lots of harmony laid guitars, cool riffs, and emotional vocals.


Here is a great mid 70’s thin lizzy gem and a new one from sheer mag, you be the judge.