Wingtip and Daft Punk

sample heavy grooves and lush production makes todays pairing go down silky smooth


Wild and Gotye

WILD – if Gotye and Youngblood Hawke had a baby – this is what it would sound like.


WILD is an adorable trio who write and produce their music out of a house in Los Feliz. Their superb second single, “Vagabond” (off their forthcoming debut EP), is a stirring anthem built on indie rock intensity and folk-pop vitality.


Pretty Sister and New Edition

Pretty Sister are bringing back that new jack swing – borrowing heavily from that jimmy jam and terry lewis vibe.  This is emotive dance pop with vocals that could easily work on a justin timberlake record – but hey, we all know JT didnt invent this style of music.  We have to give it up to Tony! Toni! Toné! and New Edition and Keith Sweat.


Don’t be afraid to pop and lock and keep banging Pretty Sister – cant wait to hear more.


Hope the new kids dig on this old vibe.



Annabel Jones and Janet Jackson together again

this song feels like the 2016 version of janet jackson’s what have you done for me lately.  This is a song of empowerment and don’t mess with me swagger.  I’m older now and i now know what is up!  Kudos to Annabel Jones for delivering this track – it chock full of swagger and we dig.  Its only a shame that Janet Jackson couldnt bring this level of energy on her most recent record, but alas that is what young people do.