Jordan Rakei and Robin Thicke

blue eyed soul with clever production elements , soulful vocal never feels like it treads into wanking Territory either, which is great



Cobi and Hozier

extremely similar in vibe and soul – its all the rage right now


you be the judge


Lil Silva and D’angelo

like D’Angelo, lil silva melds many sonic layers together to create his sonic portrait.  D’angelo goes a little more old school for sure, but Lil Silva is using beat matchers and laptops to create his opus.  Same end result.


Kygo & Labrinth and Imagine Dragons

soulful vocals and an electro pop aesthetic – grounded in traditional rock pop. the kygo collaboration is getting a lot of attention, not unlike the Las Vegas boys a few years before. this is music made for the bass player to have a big extra drum on stage to hit for no good reason




The Weeknd and Michael Jackson

the weeknd borrows a lot from michael jackson, in vocal approach certainly, the way he approaches his falsetto, and the emotive presence of his high register.  where as michael is clearly the king of pop, the weeknd is certainly trying to find a way to serve in the kingdom, and after the 2015 that he had, he just might do so.